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Steca PA TS10


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Product number: 030401028
Product information "Steca PA TS10"

Steca PA TS10

The Steca PA TS10, Steca PA TSIP10 and Steca PA TS-S external temperature sensors are used for monitoring the battery temperature.

All Steca solar charge controllers have an integrated temperature sensor that makes them capable of adjusting the charging strategy to suit the current temperature conditions. The external temperature sensors are only required when the battery must be installed in a different room to the solar charge controller.

The Steca PA TS10 and Steca PA TSIP10 are supplied with a plug for connection to the solar charge controller and ring eyelets for connection to the battery screw.

The external temperature sensors are suitable for use with Steca PR 10-30, Steca Solarix MPPT, Steca PR 2020 IP, Steca Tarom 4545 and Steca Tarom MPPT 6000 solar charge controllers.

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