Hoppecke Sun Power VL 2-2900

Hoppecke Sun Power VL 2-2900
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Hoppecke 16 OpzS Solar.Power 2900 La nueve nombre de Hoppecke: 16 sun power VL 2900 The sun...más
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Hoppecke 16 OpzS Solar.Power 2900

La nueve nombre de Hoppecke: 16 sun power VL 2900

The sun | power V L single cell battery are vented stationary batteries with liquid electrolyte (diluted sulphuric acid). Due to the tubular plates technology sun | power V L batteries offer an extreme high cycling expectancy. The excellent cycling behaviour of HOPPECKE sun | power V L tubular plate batteries is based on the around protection of positive mass by using of gauntlets. HOPPECKE sun | power V L batteries are optimal for application in sectors with high charge and discharge operation load like solar or off-grid applications, in particular during PSoC1 operations. The design as DIN-product in accordance to DIN 40736 part 1 gives highest compatibility by changing existing battery systems or integration in case of enlargement of already existing batteries. It is recommended to use HOPPECKE sun | power V L single cell batteries with HOPPECKE aquagen recombination system to reduce the number of water refill procedures to a minimum and following this even to reduce the maintenance costs. HOPPECKE single cells of the sun | power V L type series have a cycling expectancy of up to 1500 cycles with 80% depth of discharge. 1 Partial State of Charge

Your benefits:

  • Maximum cycle stability and durability, in particular during PSoC operations
  • Highest reliability in power supply for remote off-grid applications
  • Maximum efficiency with reduces charging factor
  • Ready for use of optional electrolyte recirculation
  • Quick and easy of electrolyte level and battery handling. Battery container made of impact-proof, highly translucente polypropylene housing and battery lid with integral handle
  • Extremely extended water refill intervals up to maintenance free. Optional use of "aguagen"
  • Optimal environmental compatibility



Típo de batería: FLA
Tensión (V): 2
Descargar C100 (Ah): 2900
Descargar C10 (Ah): 2150
Peso (kg): 150,9
Longitud / ancho / alto (mm): 215 / 400 / 815
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